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Mabu Pressen - Quality press manufacture

Quality press manufacture

mabu-pressen is an innovative, internationally oriented, medium-sized company. Established in 1898, now mabu proudly looks back on a tradition of more than 120 years. mabu-pressen manufactures since 1948 mechanical presses and high speed automatic presses and has delivered worldwide more than 13,000 presses and equipment. The advanced product range includes precision automatic presses with compressive forces ranging from 120 kN to max. 1,500 kN, with conventional or CNC controls, with speeds of up to 1,200 strokes/min, as eccentric presses and toggle lever presses. Our precision automatic presses work in non-cutting shaping processes like perforating, punching, blanking, bending, drawing, and stamping up to the most complex processes using progressive die tools and compound die tools.

mabu automatic presses feature an industrial PC-based state-of-the-art control system, all setting parameters like installation height, stroke length, speed, etc. can be stored. This ensures high cost-efficiency based on the easily repeatable and accurate refitting of the machine.

According to customer requirements, we deliver precision automatic presses with all necessary peripherals like strip feeders, blanking dies, measuring devices, scrap disposal and control equipment, automation of processes following the press, etc. As manufacturer in the mechanical engineering industry, mabu possesses the necessary flexibility and experience to implement appropriately complex and demanding tasks of customers in accordance with their requirements.