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High-speed press VS

Compressive forces: 120 – 1.000 kN
Number of strokes: max. 1.000 min -1

For maximum precision requirements.

  • Special power transfer system: tensile or compressive forces only, no side load!
  • Head and base of press in cast iron, pre-stressed via tie rods, double margin of safety.
  • Stroke and ram adjustment infinitely variable at fixed bottom dead centre (UT)
  • Crankshaft mounted completely in roller bearings: no keyed or splined connections in the entire drive.
  • Optional: total mass balancing (rotating and oscillating): for higher speeds up to 1000 strokes/min.
  • Special toggle drive mechanism, ram double supported via toggle lever to take eccentric loads and backlash-free pre-stressed 16-fold linear roller bearing guides
  • Press is virtually maintenance-free via enclosed grease lubrication
  • CNC programming with graphic visualization and touch-screen display
  • Precision pressing and rapid retooling = high productivity!


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