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We retrofit you existing mabu machine to meet the latest technical state. Upgrading is possible by sections or for the entire machine.

In existing installations, we change outdated components and replace them against the most advanced technological developments, thus upgrading your equipment to the latest standard.

The operator’s advantage is the upgrade of the equipment and the improved productivity at much lower cost level compared to the new purchase of an appropriate installation, considering the following measures:

  • Substitution of mechanical component groups, for which no spare parts are available anymore
  • Upgrading of automation and control systems
  • Adaptations for integrating the machine/subsystem into a manufacturing plant
  • Use of frequency converters for electric drives in order to increase efficiency, e.g. energy saving

Your benefit:

  • Smaller investment compared to the installation cost of a new machine/equipment
  • Less training expenses, as the personnel is largely familiar with the machine
  • Increased production volume, improved product quality, and enhanced efficiency
  • Compliance with legal requirements (e.g. CE certification, occupational safety, etc.)